You can count on us to take care of your business’ professional, top quality event servicing, coffee tasting (also known as cupping) or a coffee-themed event day. Below are few examples of the services we have performed.

Coffee is a relatively young area of business. The modern espresso machine was invented not until the 1960s. Specialty coffee and the international society developing around it is in constant movement: new innovations are being continuously created in coffee farms as well as in coffee shops.

Our mission is to bring these exciting new innovations to the common man in a fun and interesting way. Contact us and ask more for our tailored services!

We arrange a unique and high quality coffee bar to all kinds of events. If needed we also provide the equipment and coffees to the event. Lieke Coffee’s Espresso Bar is a perfect match for catering as well as a fair concept.

Lieke provides professional baristas for you to work with – whenever you need it. Lieke’s expertise is in festivals, fairs, events, restaurants and whatever other moments when your coffee service has to be little better than ”good.”

”Cupping” is a coffee tasting method that evaluates the coffee quality in its every phase in the production chain – all the way from the plantation to the coffee shop. We get to know different kinds of coffees and go through the basic principles of coffee evaluation.

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