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Brewing a good cup of coffee is not a hard task as long as you understand few principles regarding the extraction of coffee. However, a good cup of coffee is never a result of coincidence – It is always a result of precise work.

Lieke was born from our passion for good coffee. We provide coaching, consulting and event servicing regarding coffee. For its customers Lieke provides tools to: identify good coffee, taste coffee with proper methods and professional brewing.

Lieke is the company of Jarno Peräkylä, the Barista of the Year in Finland, that consists of coaching and consulting in the field of coffee, and top-quality coffee service for different-sized events.

Jarno Peräkylä

”Just for like many professional baristas, coffee became my profession by coincidence. Four-week job as a Christmas season helper strained to a lifework among the brew that I mainly previously drank just to stay awake. 

Behind an excellent coffee is a complicated process where every phase, starting from the farming, has to be top notch to guarantee the quality. Barista is the last link of this chain and in the end responsible for the taste of the brew. This motivates me to surpass myself over and over again – And to find ever more new flavors in the exciting world of coffee.”  

-Jarno Peräkylä, Barista of the Year 2016 & 2017

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